Why does my Surround Sound System power up with OSMC

When I change HDMI selection from TV to OSMC my surround sound system has started to power up automatically. This only started to happen a few weeks back following an OSMC update. I’ve checked the ‘peripherals’ settings, where I usually configure what starts and stops with OSMC but can’t find an option for this, Does anyone know why this has started to happen??


I think the option is called ‘Power on the TV’ or something similar.


Thanks for the quick response Sam,

Assuming you’re talking about the settings in the ‘Input devices’ ‘Peripherals’, then that’s what I thought but the ‘Devices to power on during startup’ is set to None and that’s the way I’ve always had it set. Is there another config section I need to check?

That should be all that is necessary. We haven’t changed libCEC in this release. Do you remember when this first started happening?


It wasn’t this weeks release or the previous one. I think it was the release prior to that. End of July?

This could be a red herring but did anything change in the ‘Audio output’ section. The text in the ‘Audio output device’ looks to have a changed but I could be imagining that :smile:

Disable sending active source messages - the second option in the list. Sending active source will also power up a device.

Thanks, Tried disabling that but it made no difference. It just stopped the TV switching to the OSMC source when I power up the Vero.

Does it still happen if you disable CEC entirely ?

How do I do that? Is that what the first ‘enable’ option within the ‘Peripheral’ section does?


this should be trashed changed: some AVRs fail to be powered up by the TV when it powers up.… · Pulse-Eight/libcec@588f8f1 · GitHub

(if its in)


or change the priority ordering