Why is it "always on"?

I don’t understand why your device doesn’t have a power switch. It’s used for watching tv, why does it need to be on all day? As far as i can tell there is literally no need. You can’t even do anything slightly useful like schedule a library update without fannying about installing extra stuff, and k just gave up trying to do this in the end.

The device can be put in to standby mode; but it’s more hassle than it is worth.

It will use very little power when idling. We leave it running for a convenience perspective. As soon as you want to use it is ready.

Some people use their device for other purposes too, such as a NAS, or torrent client. A full Linux (Debian) system can have many other uses.

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Did you really find it so difficult to schedule library updates that you thought a public complaint about your failings wouldn’t be embarrassing?

I think this add-on, found in the official Kodi repository will do the trick: http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:XBMC_Library_Auto_Update.

Embarrassing?! As has been shown by the creator, the feature literally doesn’t exist, how would i have known how to do this?

Thanks, i’ll try this.

How does anyone know anything?