Why is "my osmc" in main menu?

I don’t really understand why in kodi 17 “my osmc” is within the main menu (at least in Estouchy skin). It isn’t something we should use twice a day like tv, video, or even weather, and it shouldn’t be acceded by normal users.
To my opinion, it must belong to the settings menu since it deals with system administration.
Is there a way to remove it from there and have it hidden somewhere else?

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The intention is for My OSMC to do a lot more than this over time.
We tried putting it in more discrete places, but people struggled to find it. For example, in Confluence, as we no longer distribute it, we do not patch it in. Some users have struggled to find My OSMC under the Programs menu.

Agree. It doesn’t belong in the main menu.

I must agree as well, that it doesn’t belong in the main menu like “Movies” and “TV Shows”. At least, give people the choice to put it in “Settings” or at the front page.

You can just add My OSMC as a widget to the settings entry and remove the My OSMC entry instead.