Why no official communication for 4 months?

I understand all the hard work being done behind the scenes and I am not asking for a date when we will get a stable version with Kodi 18.

But I don’t understand why the Blog (which one would consider the official communication channel) hasn’t been updated in over 4 months? Why no official communication?

There is plenty to communicate, especially when you cannot release an update after a major release of Kodi.

I’m still a fan and I like to recommend it to people who have never heard of the Vero4K but that’s difficult when they go to the site and don’t see recent communication.

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Kodi v18 will be released today. I mentioned this last week on the forums here. It didn’t make sense to put any updates on the blog until we had a firm ETA.

There will be a blog post to accompany the release.

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Hi @sam_nazarko I think a link from the blog to (pertinent) message (thread) in the forum would have helped to manage expectations. Just my 2c.

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It probably doesn’t make sense to do that now, but noted.

We did keep users updated on Facebook, Twitter, the forums and Newsletter.
It’s more of a case of we would just be making a blog post saying ‘we’re working on it’, followed by the inevitable posts requesting an ETA.


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I strongly disagree and I believe the majority of people will disagree. Communication =/= the same as providing a timeline. It’s just about keeping fans informed without giving any deadlines. It’s called a blog, not a roadmap. I know there have been clear messages explaining the situation on the forums but not everyone goes through the forum all the time.

Even if the release would come in September I wouldn’t mind as long as there is some kind of communication.

I am looking forward to the release but for the next version the only “feature” I would like to see is just monthly communication updates.

@sam_nazarko seems u need to get someone to write monthly updates so you can focus on the coding :wink:

Do we have a volunteer :smiley: ?

Noted – will do. I do make an attempt to update the blog more frequently. Time is always a problem.



@fzinken is a prime free volunteer

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For what it is worth I would have liked to see a monthly blog post that had just stated something to the effect of “There are some outstanding issues with Kodi v18 so we are choosing to delay the OSMC upgrade until we are confident we will be able to provide a quality release”. The way I had been keeping track of what has been going on with OSMC for years was solely by occasionally visiting and checking the blog. Having the blog go months without an update didn’t leave me the impression that I was just looking in the wrong place. I really appreciate all the work everyone here does and the time involved, but I hope that perhaps it could be understood that a blog post does not have to be extensive and there are some people who prefer to just use the blog and avoid social media and email to keep updated with the status of this project.

No no, that job only can go to mentally stable people as @Toast himself


I get it, time should definitely be spend on development. But isn’t a lot of time already being spend (wasted) on answering forum questions that are unnecessary if there was a monthly update even if that’s just a single line. It doesn’t need to be a whole article. Save that for the big updates.

Sure i get it as a customer etc you want updates on the project but remember everytime a user ask for constant updates is time wasted from development.

Since i know how it works behind the scene and the constant pushing for great software releases that on every major release Sam is working his ass off so i take the silence as a good thing cause then i know he is grinding away.

not just you asking for updates and with OSMC team being a small dev team i rather them focus on fixing and improving and letting non essential staff communicating (that would be my wishlist) for future development.

Not saying that your wants or needs are wrong here just pointing out the flaw right before us :slight_smile: