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Hi, So while I’ve been talking a lot about OSMC for the past few months, I understand a few of you haven’t understood why Raspbmc and Crystalbuntu are being superseded and what to expect of OSMC. Update when you want, if you want A lot of you loved Raspbmc and Crystalbuntu’s auto-update feature, but I…

You posted a message(12/20/2014) to try the alpha 1 build, but it’s not available on the server and the installer can’t find it.

Standby, we’re currently rebuilding to resolve a few troublesome scripts. We’ll advise here when the build is again available. Thanks!

Appreciate it thanks!

Installer should now be LIVE!


Please wait until the official announcement (it’ll be at http://osmc.tv) before you try it. There’s just a couple of things to iron out yet.

Will that make the first beta or are we going further with alphas?

This is the first alpha build. There have not been any alphas yet.

So true, will keep an eye out on the release :neutral_face:

(not really tablet/phone friendly this new forum btw)

What would make it more mobile friendly? I’m sure we can set up Tapatalk support soon.

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What phone/tablet are you using?

Tapatalk would be super … used that always on my iPad and iPhone :smile:

iPad and iPhone … normale usage is fine … but selecting the specials is terrible :frowning:

TapATalk would be ideal, but I am sure once folk get a hang of the new forum structure it will not be so alien to them.

I agree, also, I’m not sure tapatalk has a solution for discourse as of yet.

Okay. Well I don’t know what the specials are, but this is probably the most mobile friendly forum you have seen on the web (it is for me). The old osmc forum wasn’t mobile friendly in any way.
Hope you will get used to this one.


That could be, but the old one was due to Tapatalk more mobile friendly, but well that was what I was used too aswell :smile:
With specials I meant emoticons for one btw … as far as I can see the only thing not working ok.
Must say that the rest adapts quite fast, chapeau!

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Tested alpha build on Pi(B+) the interface definitely seems more responsive than raspbmc. Great work team, looking forward to upcoming updates!

I would rather see an mobile friendly skin instead of these splash screens asking me to install Tapatalk before I can even view a post. :frowning:

Would also like to use tapatalk with this new forum.