Wi-Fi channels


I’m using RPi2 and tethering my Ethernet to Wi-Fi and I want to know, how can I change wi-fi channel 1 to another?

Thx for help!

You should prob look into the connman documentation as that is what OSMC uses for network management.

All that I found with connman on OSMC is config file:
File: /var/lib/connman/settings
I think, I need to add some lines about channels but dont know what I need to write…


Tethering.Identifier=My AP Name
Tethering.Passphrase=My AP pass



Hence the reason I advised to check out connman documentation, not configuration…


only thing relevant I could find - How do I change the channel for WLAN AP mode [closed] - together.jolla.com

Sad to hear it :frowning:

I’m using usb wi-fi dongle tp-link 722n on 150mbps, but inSSider show’s me that my wi-fi network “Pipetka” is using channel 1 and has 72.2 mbps speed. I think speed problem in first channel.

inSSIDer indicates no other interference on chan 1!

The real issue is likely that the Pi only runs half-duplex wifi, effectively cutting throughput in half. Looks like you are right on the money.

One more question.
InSSider shows my network on chan1, and on screenshot we can see that network using from -3 to +3 channels. I understand correctly that -2 and -1 channels are not working and changing wi-fi channels could help me to upgrade wi-fi speed?

P.S.: sorry for my English )

You are looking for the peak which seems to be centered precisely over 1. I don’t know how any other channel would give you any better speed when the one you are currently using shows little to no interference…

Thx a lot!