Wich services are must be stopped for consistently raspiBackup

hi Guys

I wanted to create a backup with rsync.
For this i used the raspiBackup.sh to create Backups automatically.

For the backup not to be created inconsistently, I wanted to Ask now which services must be stopped before calling rsync.

Mediacenter, Samba and Cron I have already stopped but I get the message: Some files have changed during the backup or have disappeared.

So what has to be stopped?

From where?


The answer to your question is that there will always be some files changing during a backup, but most will be log files which don’t matter. Shutting down mediacenter will ensure Kodi’s database is kept intact and I have tvheadend which similarly ought to be stopped. If other machines might access and write to your RPi then you might want to shut down networking (connman.service) (unless you are backing up to a network share!) OSMC itself may check for updates at any time (if you have it set to auto-update).

Only you will know about any other things you might be running which are not part of OSMC.

raspiBackup is an interesting solution but from a quick look it seems to be missing some features that I built into this. You may like to try it if you are not going to want dd or tar backups. It doesn’t hold your hand as much as raspiBackup.

Thanks for you Answer and the Link