Widevine 'assisted' update?


on my Raspi 3B running OSMC I have installed the Widevine CDM as part of the inputstreamhelper.
Now there when there is an update available, a window appears on the screen and just by clicking a few approval buttons, the update process should complete. Nice.
However, as the process involves downloading a fairly large package, uncompressing it, and extracting the components, it takes quite a long time on the ARM cpu.
Is there the possibility to speedup the update by running part of the process on a desktop/laptop with a beefier CPU, and just transferring the result to the Raspi? (If it’s by running a Linux script, all the better)


You could do this, but it would be a manual process and you would likely need a Linux machine.

Great! I mostly have Linux machines at my disposal, and I’m comfortable with command line and manual processes.
Do you have links to some tutorial or procedure for the update?

No - you’ll have to do some research on where to download and extract the image from.

All right. Then I’ll try to understand what the inputstreamhelper code is doing.

Thanks anyway!