Widevine libwidevinecdm.so causes OSMC crash (Kodi 19.5)

Hi All
Long time, no speak
I have a problem with widevine and I cannot figure it out.
I was running Kodi 19.1 build using this image
I was able to use the widevine with this so ( 4.10.2449.0-linux-armv7.so)
and it all works flawlessly.

Today, I decided to upgrade to Kodi 19.5 ( OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20230505.img.gz) and using the same so causes kodi to crash and i get the unhappy face…
I have tried other versions of the so like 2557/2662 and all with the same results.
the default install of cdm just gives me error that the file cannot be played, however I will state agian, that the exact same video, using the 2449 on Kodi 19.1 OSMC build works flawlessly.
Any idea what the issue is? I dont really want to move to Kodi 20 now, i have had some issues with it so was hoping that the final release for 19.5 would tide me over for a while.
I tried to upload logs, but it says only image files can be uploaded

You can’t really mix and match libraries like that unfortunately.

We can only support the latest stable release (v20).

hi sam
Thanks for the reply…Funny enough, the reason I did it that way (changing out the .so file) is because of this post

which made it work in Kodi 19.1 (the default install of widevine would fail to play any movie), but with Kodi 19.5 the default install would not play anything and any of these various widevine .so files cause kodi to crash.
So i was wondering if anyone has widevine working on Kodi 19.5?