Wife friendly interface


Just received my Vero 4k+ this morning.
Long time Apple Tv user, so I was a bit lost at first but the forum helped tremendously😉

Mainly got the Vero to play TrueHD Atmos content via a Plex server running on a NAS.

I managed to correctly configure audio passthrough (I love the Vero for that!) and installed Plex via Addon Browser.

Through Plex, ticked « Load Plex on Kodi start » or something similar.

Now the device boots directly to Plex like i wanted, but the interface of the client is… meh.

Is there anything else I should use?

All i need is a nice but ultra basic interface « Netflix-like » for wife and kids, without any extra buttons, settings, etc.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

You can install any kodi skin you like

There was a thread I remember called favorite skin 2021 or something like that ( but I can’t find it sadly) where people were discussing their favorite skins to use on their vero 4ks

Found it : https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/recommended-skins-for-4k-2021/

Plex itself doesn’t have official support for skins so their plugin looks and works similar to their web interface and various apps on other platforms. If you wanted to change this the easiest way would be to use the PlexKodiConnect add-on which instead of being a separate library that is run from the add-on, it does some magic to add and sync your Plex server into the regular Kodi library. Once you have that then you can switch Kodi itself to a different skin.

Do I have to add a specific repo to get PlexKodiConnect?

And should I uninstall Plex and it’s dependencies?

You don’t have to uninstall the Plex add-on. It is not needed, but it doesn’t hurt anything. For more information including how to install see its thread on the Kodi forum…


and/or its Github…

Thanks a lot!

This, with the link to the best skins, should get me just where I want.

Have a nice day!

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I created it hoping to get ideas from people on what skins to use