Wifi connecting to WEP configuration problems on using the gui


Using the may release and the april release of OSMC on a raspberry pi model B, I cannot configure my wifi properly using the GUI. My dongle is an Edimax 7811un.

Whenever i put in the password for my wep network, there is a notification on the screen indicating that “connection to the X network failed”"

I can get my rapsberry pi to eventually connect to my network but I have to do the following:

  1. connect the pi to a lan via ethernet
  2. go to the gui system info and figure out what the ip address is
  3. ssh to my pi from another pc and do the connmanctl configuration of the wifi.

Once I exit the connmanctl, the wifi is connected to the WEP network.

The network gui shows i was able to acquire an IP address from the wifi.

I can disconnect the ethernet and the wifi connection is good and is still good even after a reboot.

I hope someone can help me configure future wep connections in the osmc network config gui. I want to give this pi as a gift to my brother but I don’t think he will know what to do if the gui thing doesn’t work.

One more thing, indicating ether wired or wireless (with the ssid details and pwd) in the installer program doesn’t help either.



Can you upload debug logs after you have had a failed wifi connection from the GUI please?

see https://osmc.tv/help/wiki/logs

BTW I really hope you meant to say WPA network, not WEP as WEP is a very old (over 15 years) security method which is well and truly broken. It can be trivially eavesdropped on and hacked within a couple of minutes.

Please make sure you’re using WPA or WPA2.


We have just pushed an update to the osmc-mediacenter-addon that may fix this issue if it is what I suspect the issue is

could you run an update and try again

ok, i will do an update now. hopefully this works.


if i give out the pi as a gift to someone, then wep or wpa doesn’t matter.

If they have wep, then maybe the config should allow it.

If not, then the config should state that wep is not supported.

I tried from the connmanctl and wep is allowed.

I am hoping wep from gui would ba a simple config step.


I appreciate your perspective but I think it would be a really bad idea for us to add specific support for WEP as that would seem to condone the use of WEP, when in fact nobody anywhere should be using WEP as it is so completely and utterly insecure and broken. WEP has been cracked for many years now and we really don’t want to encourage anyone to use it.

We are living in 2015 now, WPA has been available since 2003 (WPA2 since 2004) and widely adopted by new hardware since about 2007.

In fact WPA (not WPA2) was specifically designed to be able to run on the same hardware chipsets as WEP, thus WEP->WPA is a software upgrade for the wireless adaptor/device - if the manufacturer did not provide such an update, then they have basically abandoned their hardware. (One famous example is the original Nintendo DS which is one of the very few devices to still only support WEP)

If you are using WEP you might as well be using an Open unencrypted network and you are exposing all the devices on your network to attack, exposing your internet connection to malicious use. (would you want someone making a bomb threat via your insecure network by parking their car out on the street and hacking your network in a couple of minutes ?)

By using WEP you might as well run an Ethernet cable out to the side of the road for any and all passers by to plug into to do whatever they like with your network and internet connection. (Not to mention your neighbours, especially if you live in an apartment block)

In short, don’t use WEP. If you want to configure WEP through connmanctl that’s your choice, but I don’t see it as our role to promote the use of WEP by making it visible and easy to connect to through the GUI. WEP is dead and buried. Let it rest in peace. :wink:


BTW, when i use it on a wpa2/psk router, it also doesn’t connect properly via the gui.

So i guess, there might be something wrong with the gui network config on a Pi1B.

I will try to update the system now, as recommended by @gezb.


this is a known problem (you can find 4 or 5 recent topics on that) fixed some days ago

as far as i have seen, not it’s working properly even for hidden ssids
IT seems to me that there’s a problem only trying to reconnect to a hidden ssid…

thanks. I’ve recently updated. hopefully it works this time.