WiFi does not restart after boot up

I’m running Pi 3B with an up-to-date version of OSMC. I can start WiFi from the OSMC page (“My OSMC”->“Network”->wireless) and it seems to be working. However if I reboot, the WiFi connection does not restart. I can manually restart it, but that will not work in general, I will need WiFi when I move the Pi to my TV area.

As long as I don’t reboot I can also SSH into the Pi thus I know that the WiFi connection is working.

Also, I don’t see where I can reset the password if someday I should be changing it.

Thanks …RDK

I would recommend uploading some logs so we can see why it doesn’t automatically reconnect.

OK, I think I did it correctly. after the reboot I reconfigured the WiFi, did a log upload which I think failed, but a second upload seemed to work as I was able to get to the URL.

Here is the log url: https://paste.osmc.tv/vizudofifu

You actually have two wired connections, each on a different subnet, plus the WiFi connection on the same subnet as eth0. It might be that connman decides that after creating two wired connections, you clearly don’t need a third (wireless) connection. :slight_smile:

Please restart the Pi. Without’t manually starting WiFi, please run the following commands:

connmanctl services
connmanctl technologies

Yes, having the two wired connections is temporary. When I move it to the TV area I will only have one connection to LAN A and the WiFi to LAN B. Here is the output you requested. Later I will do an experiment with only the final, ie at the TV, network setup. Thanks…RDK

me@MediaServer:~$ connmanctl services
Error: Rejected send message, 3 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.23" (uid=1001 pid=1244 comm="connmanctl services ") interface="net.connman.Manager" member="GetServices" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="net.connman" (uid=0 pid=399 comm="/usr/sbin/connmand -n --nodnsproxy --config=/etc/c")

me@MediaServer:~$ connmanctl technologies
Error: Rejected send message, 3 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.24" (uid=1001 pid=1305 comm="connmanctl technologies ") interface="net.connman.Manager" member="GetTechnologies" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="net.connman" (uid=0 pid=399 comm="/usr/sbin/connmand -n --nodnsproxy --config=/etc/c")

AFAIK OSMC disables WiFi as soon as it has a Ethernet connection so this is not supported setup by default (only supported in tethering mode)

You seem to be logged on as user “me” (UID=1001), rather than user “osmc” (UID=1000). You need to run the commands under user osmc.

As for running ethernet and WiFi simultaneously, I’ve been able to do it in the past.

OK. I have reconfigured it with WiFi to LAN A and wired to LAN B. It seems to be working. I’ll watch it for a couple days.

Later I will put it back to the original with both LAN A and LAN B wired and LAN A Wifi, so I can run your diagnostics. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks…RDK

Had a few minutes so I reconnected all the network connections and rebooted. Here is the output from your commands:

osmc@MediaServer:~$ connmanctl services
*AR Wired ethernet_3c8cf8f65a34_cable
*AR Wired ethernet_b827eb1f9e50_cable
*A RDKsCorner_G2 wifi_b827eb4acb05_52444b73436f726e65725f4732_managed_psk
RDKsCornerLB wifi_b827eb4acb05_52444b73436f726e65724c42_managed_psk
RDKsCorner_G2x wifi_b827eb4acb05_52444b73436f726e65725f473278_managed_psk

osmc@MediaServer:~$ connmanctl technologies
Name = Bluetooth
Type = bluetooth
Powered = False
Connected = False
Tethering = False
Name = P2P
Type = p2p
Powered = False
Connected = False
Tethering = False
Name = Wired
Type = ethernet
Powered = True
Connected = True
Tethering = False
Name = WiFi
Type = wifi
Powered = True
Connected = False
Tethering = False

Now returning it to the working configuration with WiFi…RDk

Have a look at ths: https://01.org/connman/documentation, in particular the section about preferred technologies.

AFAICT, connman is currently on 1.36.

Indeed. There are some Wireguard changes which mean I can’t bump the version for a little while.