Wifi doesn't restart after reboot


I’m trying to diagnose a problem I’m having with memory on my Pi3B elsewhere. I use the OSMC wifi dongle to connect at 5G. The memory problem seems to be related to the dongle or its driver.

I seem to have everything working on a new SD card but now my wifi fails to connect after rebooting the Pi. I’m trying to relate memory leakage to wifi and can’t do that completely unless the Pi reconnects after a reboot. Each morning at 0300, I reboot the Pi via a cronjob. When I was using an “old” SD card, wifi connected correctly after the cron reboot. On my new, fresh installation, it is not. Both yesterday morning and this morning, wifi was not connected when I attempted to gather data.

To connect, I went to MyOSMC>Network. Wired was disabled (as I had previously specified) and wireless was enabled, but not connected. I backed out of Network and then went back in, clicked on wireless, and, lo and behold, I was connected!

I grabbed logs and they are here: https://paste.osmc.tv/emezogiyow I hope they’re helpful.

I looked at previous postings on this topic and was unable to figure out what else I needed to do. I’ll also add that I had this same behavior on the “old” SD card. It persisted for awhile but then one day began connecting correctly after a reboot.

Thanks for any help.

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I don’t remember from your other thread, but is the WiFi dongle powered via the Pi, or is it connected to a powered USB hub? If it’s powered via the Pi, try a powered USB hub. Maybe the dongle is starving for power.

Thanks for the suggestion.

My dongle is powered via the Pi; it always has been. It has worked for literally years that way. Nevertheless, I do have a powered hub lying about, so I had it in my mind to try it now on your suggestion. But first, I decided to issue a shutdown -r now command from the command line. The Pi obediently rebooted and immediately reconnected to wifi! This thing has become a complete mystery to me!

I’ll leave it alone now and see if it reconnects tomorrow when the shutdown -r now command comes from the cronjob.

Thanks again.

Well, this problem seems to have resolved itself. The Pi rebooted and reconnected after the cron job. I don’t understand it, but I’ll take the win and move on. :slightly_smiling_face: