Wifi dongle on raspberry 1 not work fine - havent internet connection

Hello, i installed OSMC on raspberry 1. All work , but my wireless adapter not. Can find my SSID and when insert the password the system loading but for 2 times give me failed to connect. So i reboot and try again. Now work…but not have connection internet. i try in dhcp but not work, so i try manually …not work. The same dongle work on kodi openlec (raspberry). Dongle work on pc and have this details : USB\VID_7392&PID_7811&REV_0200.
Did you have solution? have some feedback about? can i solve?
thanks in advance
best regards


Debugging logs, show the issue will help.

It also maybe worth trying to connect via the command line.

ConnMan cheat sheet can be found here.

Thanks Tom.