Wifi dropping / unable to connect

For the past few weeks I have noticed issues in tryin to trasfer content to my Pi via either the SAMBA share or using sFTP. I get a network error doing either. Trying to download any addons/ update my Pi is tediously slow. Here’s the details:

Inital Setup: OSMC running on a PI2 With a usb wifi dongle.

  • tried the dongle in other spots, as far as the Pi knows, it has a valid IP address.
  • Switched Sd card into Pi 3 with onboard Wifi. Update persists.
  • Update OSMC using new Pi (for some reason I was able to maintain connection to do this but the transfer/update took 3hrs). Attempt to transfer. Issue persists.
  • Changed power cord, incase it was a power issue. Issue perisits.

I still cannot trasfer files via sFTP or the windows share. My Pings arent dropping, but the TTL is going up and down like crazy, betweeen 2ms and 200ms.

Any ideas on what to try next?

If you changed the computer and wireless card then I would look at an issue with your wireless network. The first step might be to just plug in a ethernet cable to verify that the issue is contained to just the wireless (remembering to go into the osmc app and turn off wireless and on wired. This is of course assuming that you have already tried rebooting your router/access point and perhaps tried changing what channel it is transmitting on.

Check network with wavemon and iperf3

Thanks for the suggestions! My Router has bee rebooted a number of times, and nothing has changed in the settings recently that should cause a slow down (no QoS or anything). I also reviewed my router logs and don’t see any issues regarding the Pi coming up. I was kind of assuming that maybe a bad add-on was flooding or something, but I havent seen any evidence of that.

Thanks - will try that as I havent done that yet. I am not seeing any network issues anywhere else, so I am not sure exactly what has changed to cause the issue. At this point I’m wondering if it’s a wipe and restart situation.

Sounds to me that something is interfering your used WLAN channel. Have you tried an wifi analyzing app on you smartphone whether other wifi access points disturb you frequencies?
I’m using ‘FRITZ!App Wlan’ for this on Androids but I don’t know whether it has an English GUI.

Wifiman is the go to APP for that with english support