Wifi/Ethernet and up/down procedures

Hi there,

First time posting, so I’ll try and catch all the required info in the first go. Let me know what else I can provide, of course.

After a fresh install of OSMC Dec 2015.12-4 , when selecting wifi as connectivity method during install, without tethering, I get associated to the SSID and a DHCP lease for my RPi2, but no traffic seems to be able to go over it. I can verify that I get an IP and the interface is up, both via “My OSMC” and ifconfig ( I also have blinking lights on the USB-wifi dongle and RPi2, with no rainbow colored square in any corners but no response on SSH, web interface or updating library.

Once I connect an ethernet cable, eth0 comes up too, and also gets a DHCP lease (

Here’s the wierd part; at that point, I can access the device from both addresses and interfaces. Suddenly I can update the library (via a SMB share), SSH lets me log in and the web interface works, all on both .21 and .22.

I can then unplug eth0, only leaving wifi connected (as confirmed by both “My OSMC” and ifconfig), and I can still access the pi on .22, for wifi. SSH, SMB shares, all of it.

Once I reboot the pi the process has to be redone to get any connectivity off of it.

What’s going on here? It’s obviously something on my end, otherwise the forum would be flooded with this wierd behaviour. Where do I look? Where are ifups and startup jobs defined in OSMC? Where do I start?


connman is the network manager. Forum search may turn up useful results.

If you have two connected technologies (Ethernet and WiFi) when you boot, ConnMan will only pick the first, preferred technology and set that up.

I understand that, that’s not what I’m asking for. I get no connectivity UNTIL I connect an ethernet cable, and after that I can disconnect the ethernet cable and wifi still works. I can repro it consistently, of course.