WiFi hotspot and internet connection from iPhone

hi guys, need some assistance, I got a RPI in my car running OSMC, it is configured to be as a hotspot, so when I jump into my car my iPhone connects to the wifi and I can use AirPlay. It works great except one moment - I can’t use my cellular internet to stream music to my phone and then via AirPlay, can you help me with the connman settings? I guess it is caused by the fact RPI tries to tell my phone to use default gateway which is not connected to internet?

P.S. when I tester it initially at home with exact same configuration - it used LTE connection being connected to wifi of RPI, it was just as I wanted, but after I went to my car and did the same - for some reason LTE disappeared and only little wifi picture was telling me I have to chance to use cellular. Thanks.

Try the otherway around, make your phone the hotspot and connect the Pi to your phone.

thanks for response, but I really want the way I described.

I unded up with the client side solution: disabled default gateway on Iphone. so now statis ip and mask used for the wifi. works great. the problem is: now I have to do it for all devices I’m gonna connect. mb there is a setting in config to disable default gateway from PI DHCP?