WiFi in last 24hrs (23 May 15) - slow

Did something in the WiFi drivers or modules get updated in the last 24-48hrs?

WiPi on PiB was running fine but now takes ages to load anything. Once playing it seems fine though… Strange.


If you had already updated to RC3 before this and the speed was ok after the update and now it is slow, then I’m afraid it’s nothing to do with any updates as no additional kernel updates have been pushed out.

Most likely a standard wifi issue, so unfortunately you’ll need to try normal wifi troubleshooting such as changing the channel if there is interference on that channel, checking the signal strength and so on.

Ok. I’ll do some troubleshooting here for a few days.

Just strange that it’s been fine since Alpha 4 and as of yesterday it’s been really bad. Might have to get EOP going to this Pi as well.

Updates used to take around 2min but now take up to 10min. Slow!

Nothing changed here.

Still had issues last night doing some testing. Changing channels etc did nothing…

Woke up this morning and the Pi was telling me updates were available. Completed that and now WiFi is back to it’s good old self.

Maybe just lucky…