Wifi/network dropouts or sudden disconnections using SMB

Hey guys;

I’ve been having this issue for a while now, but have managed to fix it with either a Pi reboot or modem reboot (which I shouldn’t need to do).

I have my Pi connecting via SMB to an external HDD on my computer via WIFI on the Pi. I have my modem literally in the next room and have both the Pi and the Modem connection via DHCP (this is as far as my networking knowledge goes).

Sometimes the Pi will stay connected and be able to access my media drive for days at a time, and then every so often it will lose connection every hour or two. This becomes frustrating as I’ll come home from work, plonk down in front of the TV to watch an episode or movie and find I have to spend 10 minutes troubleshooting a problem that seems to have started when I upgraded to KODI.

Now I will admit, I’m no longer using OSMC… I’m using OpenELEC. But the problem existed when using OSMC as well.

Can someone give me the layman version of how I can fix this problem?


  1. connect the HDD directly to the Pi, thus eliminating the network and SMB
  2. provide some info which would enable problem analysis:
  • PC type and model
  • model type and model
  • PC OS and version
  • Pi OS and verson and logs when failing


Appreciate the suggestions BUT

First off, I highly doubt my computer specs are going to be of any help.

Secondly, there is a reason I use SMB, and that is so I don’t have to disconnect the hard drive and plug it into my PC every time I want to add more content.

Pi model is B+. PC is Windows 7 64bit.

As for logs… I’m not familiar with how to post them let alone where to find them. As I said, I need laymans understanding of this as I’m not the programming/coder type that usually play with these computers. I’ve had this Pi running the exact same way in the XBMC days and had absolutely no problems like this back then.

I’m sorry you feel that way, however this is, to a large extent, a free mutual help group, so you have to be prepared to provide facts which can enable diagnosis.
Take some time to research others with similar problems.
Note that some with Windows8 have experienced network problems.
There are posts which tell how to post logs (qv).
You will, of course, have a backup of the installation ‘in the XBMC days’ to which you can revert.
Since you are now running Openelec, you will, of course, have posted yor problem there!

Sure, if you want to act like a smart alec about it…

  1. I ran OSMC a few months ago, still had the same issue. You can read about that right here: "Error: Share Not Available" when trying to access SMB/Network drive - #2 by dandnsmith

And the responses I got had bugger all to do with fixing my issue.

The reason I returned, is because I figured someone here MAY have had a solution to my problem that wasn’t operating system related (clearly, if it happens on OSMC as well as OpenELEC).

If I’m required by some form of forum rule not to post here regarding something I would hope can be easily identified as a hardware problem (aka not an issue with the OS I decide to run on my device) then please point it out so I can be sure never to violate said rule again.

If I seem curt or rude, it is because this problem has been plaguing me for months and I’m getting to a point where I want to smash this device to pieces because of how unreliable it’s proving to be. What frustrates me even more is knowing that many are not having problems with it but for some reason I am… and I can’t figure out why. It’s not as if I’m using it for anything overly dramatic. I only want the device to be my media center PC so I don’t have to tether my personal PC to my TV which is currently about 15 feet away in another room just so I can watch my movies and TV shows.

I would appreciate whatever help I can get, but if someone could “Dumb it down” for the guy who doesn’t know linux or how to find a console or “SSH in to change settings” I’d really appreciate it. I would rather figure this out than shelve the device I paid (in my current situation) good money for and replace it with another device that requires far less screwing around.

The thing is, you cannot know if it is a hardware problem or not even it behaves similar.
And these two are quite different Linux distributions with different features and functions.

For example, such a simple thing as providing logs is different, kernel, drivers and so on…

OE has a forum of their own, of course it´s better to go there for support, you cannot expect us to know how their distro works.

I’m running OSMC on a Pi2 on Wifi (Edimax) with 2 attached hard disks, both partitioned and with all partitions made network available over Samba. I have experienced no dropouts.

I did install these services via the command line, not the app store.

I think it’s reasonable to ask for log files if you expect help to fix your problem. Perhaps if you explain the process you used to get these services running we can compare notes.