Wifi password length



I’ve just changed my rooter and tried to reconnect with oscm wifi (RPI3) to it until now I used wired network, but now it is not possible anymore. All of my other devices were able to connect except osmc. Supprisingly it failed. After many trial I had to reduce the length of my wifi password (and/or remove some special char from it). Is there any limitation from osmc what kind of char and/or length should be for the wifi password? For example .#! etc can not be in it? I’ve read about the printable ascii chars on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII#ASCII_printable_characters as wpa2 accepts it, but it seems from osmc I can’t. Can you help me in it?



I don’t think there is any limitation in OSMC, but first check if those keys on your keyboard are printing the right characters. You can do this in a file rename dialogue. You can also check in /var/lib/connman/wifi* where passwords are stored in plain text (!)


Tested with Vero 4K + WPA2 + 63 characters passphrases and also passwords containing chars like ! . # $ % & / ( ) … works as expected.

I do not like the fact that the password is readable in the settings file as plaintext since this would be a no-go for me to use the Wi-Fi of the OSMC device at all.


It does seem odd, but you can’t access it through the gui. Besides, most ppl leave the passphrase as the one printed on the back of their router. :unamused:


I just came across this point, because I did not find the wpa_supplicant.conf file on my RPi with osmc. But indeed I found my WPA passphrase in PLAIN text in that connman directory. Is there really no way to encrypt that password or file?


No – the password needs to be stored in a way that it can be used to connect to the network.