Wifi Reconnect and Password Saving

Hi, I’m having problems with the setup of my wifi dongle on a RP2. Connection itself seems to work properly but it seems to disconnect after a while. And surprisingly I have to reenter the password every time I want to reconnect. After all why is it not reconnecting on its own? My Wifi Usb Dongle is the following: http://www.amazon.de/Edimax-EW-7612UAn-Wireless-LAN-USB-Adapter-300Mbit/dp/B007H5WXB0/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1438101764&sr=1-2&keywords=edimax+wlan

Thanks David

We need logs to actually see what’s going on here…

Hi thanks for the reply. Which one do you need?

Selecting all in the MyOSMC log uploader will provide several that will all contain pertinent info.

Here you go, the complete log: http://paste.osmc.io/upivonuhez

Your system is horribly outdated… Run updates from MyOSMC.

Outdated ok. I downloaded the latest from the website! I try to update and check if those problems still occur afterwards.

Yes it’s likely because I suspect you are running a noobs installation with provides an older image. Updating will bring lots of fixes that have since been pushed.

Your right I used the noobs installer. Noobs…never touch this one again. Seems that the gui update fails with a sad face. I’m doing it manually right now via:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Hope this will help.

Sadly the wifi won’t connect anymore after the upgrade to the latest version.

Here is a new log: http://paste.osmc.io/lipawebege

Seems to work now. I had to manually disable the wired connection.

Yes. Wired and wireless do not connect simultaneously.

Seems I was too quick. After a while the wifi is disconnected again and will not reconnect. The password seems to be missing again. Is it possible that my wifi dongle draws too much current and therefore disconnects? The Power supply has 5V/3A. (Btw I’m using this case: http://sb-components.co.uk/products/mediapiplus/)

The wifi somehow works again if I use a wired connection and manually connect the wifi via ssh:
scan wifi
agent on
connect MY_SERVICE
enter passphrase

Then I disabled the wired connection in the gui and after a reboot the wifi is up and running. Odd behaviour!

Here is the log for that: http://paste.osmc.io/pidipacocu

Is it possible your base station is rebooting between the time when you have connected and when you can no longer connect ?

I have observed an issue with my wifi adaptor where if I reboot my AP (which is actually a cable modem) my realtek adaptor is no longer able to connect and reports an authentication error in the log - like your logs.

I think the cause for this is that during the AP reboot the AP brings up the wireless signal before it is ready to authenticate users, thus all attempts at authentication are rejected as if the password is wrong, for some period of time. (Nearly 30 seconds on this AP) If connman tries to connect during that time and gets such a password rejection it may choose to “forget” the password, thus you are no longer able to connect until you enter the password again.

Never experiecend anything like that. Just for the info I use a wlan repeater in between if that might cause someting for connman. I often experiece disconnects on my ubuntu laptop. I hit reconnect when the connection is lost. What you described is probably the cause on the rp2.

But why does connmann forget the password…sounds strange! Is this really a reliable connection manager?