Wifi signal very poor on osmc rc compard to alpha4 or raspbmc

I had some strange values when I check wifi signal from ssh and “raspPI check” app(android) both ssh and the app give me this.
(Command in ssh
cat /proc/net/wireless
watch -n 1 cat /proc/net/wireless)

Pi ver.1 osmc rc with dlink 121 signal -44% quality 66%
New pi ver.2 raspbmc dlink 121 signal 99% quality 100%

Pi ver.1 osmc rc with edimax 7811 signal -43% quality 67%
New pi ver.2 raspbmc edimax 7811 signal 99% quality 100%

Negative values on wifi on new pi running osmc.

And perfect signals values running rasbmc on old my old pi.

Got my new wifi dongel today and have same result checkin wifi signal with that(edimax - 7811Un)

Must be something in osmc RC because had perfect values under alpha4 osmc.

In the OSMC Settings set “Max USB Current”

Can you measure actual performance? (e.g. copying a file on osmc and raspbmc)

It seems more likely that the signal quality reporting is wrong.
99%/100% sounds suspiciously high - does it go down when moving Pi further from router, or blocking it with a metal object?
“-43%” doesn’t sound like a plausible measure of strength.

Yes its goes down when I move or change room now when checking it very close to wifi router

Usb strenght gave me same result(rebboted and checked)

You do realise that software can’t cause a “very poor wifi signal” ?

All the software can do is measure/report the signal strength differently. How far is your Pi from your AP and have you actually noticed problems with wifi performance, or are you only worrying about the reported signal strength ?

And looking at your numbers - your osmc figure of 43% is a believable signal reading (I get around 60-70% with my Pi about 2 metres from the base station) while the 99% figure reported by raspbmc seems bogus to me.

As long as your wifi is working properly I would not worry - osmc and rasbpmc have completely different linux kernels and wifi drivers, and it’s quite possible they report signal readings differently - the 0-100% scale is a completely arbitrary scale chosen by the author of the particular wireless driver.

Yes you are right its wrong numbers because I can watch 1080 movies over wifi on osmc rc with negative values :grinning:

Had perfect high values with osmc alpha4

Ok then I can relax I guess.

Is anyone else experiencing a poorer wifi signal with OSMC? Where I normally run my rpi and raspbmc I have no trouble connecting to wifi with Internet access enabling me to download updates, stream live iptv etc. With OSMC I have a connection but no internet access, I have to move a lot closer to the wireless router to enable Internet access. Just by swapping the two microsd cards I go from Internet access to no Internet access and back again depending whether I am running on raspbmc or OSMC.

Something is not okay because it drops the connection alot so I have to reboot. This is with osmc rc and pi2

For now I use raspbmc on my pi1 until final realese so im okay for now.