WiFi slow on 2.4 and 5 with 4K+


I got my Vero 4K+ two weeks ago. Last weekend I took the time to installing it.
I changed from a self built i3-2xxx based libreelec because of the missing 4K cabibility.

What makes me wonder, is the really slow WiFi compared to the old mediacenter or my notebook sitting at the exactly same spot. I tried both my 5ghz-sid and the 2.4-sid. Speed when downloading a test file from my provider is around 2 to 3 mb/s, the other devices do the isp limit of 5 mb/s.

Same happens when starting a smb based transfer: it is limited to 2 to 3mb/s, I am used to speeds around 10mb/s minimum.

Do you have any idea how to optimize the connection?

Best regards

Can you try an iperf connection?
Do your 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz networks have different SSIDs?


I will have a look for iperf. Still, based on the fact, that smb and a curl is limited to the same performance, my guess is that the numbers won’t improve.

And yes: I yesterday gave the 5GHz network an own SSID and I connected to it. Performance is still the same.

Thanks for your help.

Pretty cool. Performance seems good actually, based on what perf shows:

osmc@osmc:~$ iperf -c -p 4711 -t 60 -i 10

Client connecting to, TCP port 4711
TCP window size: 85.0 KByte (default)

[ 3] local port 43933 connected with port 4711
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 186 MBytes 156 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 10.0-20.0 sec 202 MBytes 170 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 20.0-30.0 sec 192 MBytes 161 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 30.0-40.0 sec 181 MBytes 152 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 40.0-50.0 sec 203 MBytes 170 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 50.0-60.0 sec 204 MBytes 171 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-60.0 sec 1.14 GBytes 163 Mbits/sec

Ok that’s good enough for 4K

How are you accessing these files? Via SMB?
You may benefit from an fstab mount.

Try “-R” to see the reverse direction to exclude that as the issue

-R shows good results as well.

But: performance via scp and smb are still slow (somewhere between 2 and 4mb/s).
Seems slow compared to what I am used to. I will investigate a little further.

How are the SMB shares mounted?

I actually copy files to the internal memory of the Vero 4k. Will install a ssd via usb these days.

I don’t stream from external medias but normally copy all my stuff to the external drive.

SCP will be slower just because of the processor overhead. The Vero is not going to be able to do encryption/decryption as fast as an I3 will.

What Sam was asking is how you are mounting the SMB shares. I assume that it must be fstab or autofs since you are only copying the files?