Wifi unstable

After manually loading password, does downloading an update prove wireless works.? How do you add HDhomerun prime app?

Many questions but not much information!

  1. Are you using the build in Wifi of the Pi3? That is know to have marginal wifi connection. An update will not help unless you have a very good Wifi signal at the place of the Pi3 you would need to go for an external wifi adapter

  2. You can install the hdhomerun app from the Kodi Repository via Settings. It will support prime (HDHR3-CC copy-freely channels only)

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Yes using built in wi Fi. Signal has 4 dots but status seems to go to disabled. Maybe I will try wired. Thanks also for suggestion in 2. I am new and have not got any video content yet.

If you can use wired, it will always be better than WiFi.