Will i be able to play any 4k videos?

I’ve been using OSMC on RPi4 for a while and i’m tired on trying to guess which 4k file will i be able to play on it when downloading movies, as I don’t really understand all the differences and don’t have enough free time to learn them.

If I buy Vero 4K+, will I be able to play anything without such issues?

Vero 4k supports all formats except AV1 and Dolby Vision.

Is that easily recognizable when downloading movies?

I don’t know as I don’t download movies but I think there are usually clues in the file name.

Yes - it is usually in the file name. The Vero should meet your needs. There is also a 14 day money back guarantee.

Thanks. Are Dolby TrueHD and Atmos supported?

Yes – they can either be decoded to PCM or bitstreamed if your TV / receiver / soundbar supports it.

Thank you!

Few more questions, sorry, just to be safe.

Will it be ok if i have, for example, 100 GB 4K video on an external HDD connected to the Vero? I guess the USB 2.0 speed will be enough, but wanted to confirm.

What if i also use the device as a NFS server and try to play the same video on some other device. That will also be alright, right?


Yes – just make sure it’s externally powered.

Yes – but SMB (Samba) server might be easier to set up as it’s in the App Store already

ahh that’s not good :confused: my external HDD only has an usb cable on it

Get a better hard drive…if you intend to do this on a regular basis, you will need something other than a 2.5 inch drive anyhow.

Or you can use a USB hub as found in the Store.

It’s important to ensure the drive is powered. You may get away with it with a 2.5 inch drive, but it’s not recommended.

I use it daily with OSMC on RPi4 (+as nfs server acessed from osmc on rpi3), connected on usb 3 and it works great. My only issue with the rpi is the 4K support.

If you already have the drive connected to a Pi4 and shared via NFS then just leave it and mount it on the Vero via NFS. You can use Kodi mounts, or better use system mounts (fstab or autofs). If you already have a shared MySQL database then it will probably just work.

USB3 standard allows more current being drawn from the host, that is one of the reasons you often need a new power supply when upgrading from pi3 to pi4. Verok4k confirms with the USB2 standard, and can have a 2,5" hdd powered, but depending on among others things, drive specs, it isn’t guaranteed. That is why we keep saying get an externally powered drive or powered usb-hub, to make sure that power isn’t an issue.