Will multiple RF OSMC remote controls interfere with each other?

Apologies if the answer to this is to be found somewhere - I have looked in both the forum and the main website without finding it! All the search terms I used turned up various references to previous versions of the OSMC RC, or to non-OSMC RCs which were being used with an OSMC setup.

I have an official OSMC remote control and dongle (as OSMC Remote Control - OSMC) which I bought in July 2023 - it is the current RF version. It works well with my Pi 4/OSMC Kodi setup, and I like the fact that it doesn’t require line-of-sight.

However I am considering getting a second copy to control a different Pi/OSMC Kodi setup in a different room. Both setups will be working simultaneously. I can’t ascertain whether the RF signals from one of the controllers could be received and acted on by the ‘wrong’ Pi.

I did not have to do anything to pair the original RC to its dongle, nor can I find any information about altering the configuration. So does that mean that they are ‘universal’, with any controller working with any dongle (which would not be what I want), or are they already paired somehow at purchase? If they are ‘universal’, is there anything I can do to stop them interfering, other than moving the setups further apart (or lining my walls will aluminium foil!) ?


I have multiple OSMC RF remotes in my house and they do not interfere with each other.

Once they are paired, each remote will only work with its paired dongle. If you need to re-pair then make sure all other dongles are powered off or out of range.

Note also the remotes/dongles being supplied now are not compatible with earlier versions. You can’t mix and match remotes and dongles. A supply of coloured labels can help if they get mixed up.

Thanks both, that’s very useful information. :+1:

I do think it would be worth this being mentioned on the product page though - I can’t believe I’m the first person to wonder about it. Anyway I’ve got the answer I wanted so I’m happy.

@sam_nazarko to be considered