Will new Vero/Kodi support 7.1.2 channel (Sony HT-A7000 soundbar)?

I am planning to build all Sony setup (Bravia TV, Sony HT-A7000, PS5 and new upcoming Vero). My plan is to connect Vero through soundbar’s HDMI 2.1. Soundbar will be connected through eARC to Bravia TV.

Does Kodi support 7.1.2 channel and will it work with Vero? Or should I get Sony HT-5000 (5.1.2), that should work for sure?

Thanks and sorry for the stupid question! :slight_smile:

P.S I will also try to use Bravia TV as a central channel, wonder how that will work out with Kodi.

If you play a compatible track, then that will be fine. We will just pass through the audio as is.

Thanks for the quick reply! Do you think it’s worth investing in 7.1.2 or should I simply save money and get 5.1.2?

Can’t wait to hear more details about Vero!

It depends - if your wallet allows for it then go for the 7.1.2

Check reviews of both before making a decision, maybe you can also demo them in person somewhere.

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Unless Sony have a clever way of doing that I don’t think it’s possible. Certainly, Kodi has no way to direct different channels to different audio devices.

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Yeah makes sense. Perhaps if Kodi is installed on Bravia TV, it might work, but I doubt that.