Will Osmc/Vero support h266 codec in the future

I’m just wondering in the future will the Vero 4k/OSMC support hardware acceleration for the H266 codec that is said to be coming out in the future as the codec will shrink file sizes up to 50% from the sd to 8k while losing no quality which I know streaming services will love as such I’m hoping that this codec will be added in the future I know not immediately as this will no doubt take a bit development on the software side before it gets added into osmc/vero 4k software package.
Link to article in question H.266 Codec Promises to Reduce Video File Sizes by Half | PCMag

For a small, efficient (low power) device like Vero, these codecs have to be dealt with in hardware. If chip makers support this new codec, doubtless there will be an OSMC device to handle it in due course. It won’t happen overnight, though.

I guess they’ll rather go for AV1. H.266 is probably dead on arrival due to AV1 being royalty-free. Google and Netflix are already experimenting with AV1, too.


If there’s demand (i.e. content), we’ll support it.
It would need new hardware.

Our focus is on hardware accelerated AV1.


Thanks everyone for the answers provided as @sam_nazarko says if there a demand then support will be added in so i consider this solved.