Will the servers handle it tomorrow (28th)?

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How / Where to download ?

I read it as RC today and Final on 5th March

Download is expected to be available 8pm GMT.
I would assume it will be available through the installer or directly from diskimages directory.

As for the Mar 5 date, Sam announced earlier in this thread that today’s release will be a Release Candidate as opposed to a final release.

Plan to do a fresh install with tonight’s release and you should be able to just upgrade to the final when it’s ready.

Hi guys,

Just to clarify: there is no upgrade path from A4 to the RC. We want to put out an RC first to test everything works and create a migration path to the final version for our users.

I am just waiting for Jenkins to build everything and as soon as that’s done and basic testing is done and verified working we’ll ship a release candidate

The 5th March date is just a place holder


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Hi Sam,

Is this a Thunder…whooooosh? :smiley:

So does that mean the RC will be up soon (within hours?) or in day or so? Trying to plan out my afternoon :smile:

Will we be able use the our already downloaded installer? Or will we have to download another one?

Thanks for all the hard work!


The installer will be fine, it automatically retreives the latest versions from the download server when you open it. I’ve fixed a couple of visual things though, so you might want to update it, but it won’t affect install.

Not 100% sure yet, but don’t want to make any false promises.


The “false promise” has been done - for GMT 8:00 pm tonight, now called “placeholder”… :frowning:

Hello, Sam. Without ‘making any promises’ can you explain what you mean by “there is no upgrade “PATH” from A4 to the RC”? I guess I am asking what method are you using to deploy the upgrade. Pardon my inability to make the sentence i want here… um… OK will there be an apt-get update line code way of moving from the A4 to the RC1, for example? So us end-users can just tarball up or .kodi folders and copy them?
Or will we need to do that and then format the microSD? Or is this what you are trying to decide? For us “end-users” that would like to do this the OSMC-Team recommended way, but not go through microSD removal, Windows/OSX formatting and re-imaging with the installer (unless we have to)… Have you decided how to deploy the RC on a community this size? Ok i wrote too much maybe you know what i mean and can tell us when you know. Also, i have read 8am, 8pm… what timezone would that be? its well past 8am in Chicago, IL so i guess that’s 8pm, but you’re out in the UK right? I thought there would be a countdown timer on the thunderclap page… i know about five people that are on the edges of their seats waiting and i told them that i would ask.

OK well sorry i am so wordy–hope that you are picking up what i am puttin’ down. If not just say what? I get that sometimes.

You can tarball .kodi and copy it over and tar -xzf it. But there is no apt-get dist-upgrade path for Alphas to Release Candidate / Final. From RC onwards you will be able to update using the OSMC Updater.

You have to remove and re-image I’m afraid. We did say that the Alphas wouldn’t necessarily have an upgrade path to final.

We are waiting on Jenkins: http://jenkins.osmc.tv to get everything built. I am in the UK GMT. Those times are just placeholders. I will announce it on osmc.tv when it’s ready


Sam: Wow, you type fast. And you answered like every question i “tar’d” into that paragraph. Well then my next question is are all the installers “working” because i use a Mac but i read a post that said (for one guy) that the OSX installer just “Hung & looped” so what would you recommend i use the Windows installer? Or is the OSX installer fixed? I have access to a windows machine… should i just use that to be safe?

Thanks for any advice and all your answers.


Our installers are testing and have been tested. There was a bug a while back where OS X did not play so nice if the user’s home directory had a space in it (i.e. FirstName LastName), but I’ve taken care of that. Just make sure you download the latest build from Download - OSMC. Don’t worry about doing it before the announcement: the installer automatically fetches the latest builds from the server when it opens so you don’t really need to update the installer much if it’s working (only when we release a new device)


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So the installers have version #s? Cool what is the current OSX installer version? And the OSMC available “builds-list” in the drop-down list is “fetched” from the internet, you say, so once an installer is working we can just use the same one… very cool. It keeps getting easier :wink:

If i used the Windows installer for Alpha4 on a fresh-out-the-box microSD (RPi2), can i switch and do them with the OSX installer going forward from here? (The microSD goes into a 'normal SDHC adapter, that goes into the SD to USB adapter) and it worked fine on Windows… Mac always has little surprises, especially on older macbooks (mine is from 2008 and on Snow Leopard… the app store wasn’t a part of OSX till 10.6.8, just FYI).

OK thanks again for the YEAR of work you and your team have done… we are all super grateful !

I have a question on installing the OSX installer, but i think i’ll start a new topic it is a bit “off subject” for in here.

Thanks for the insights and answers!

The “OSMC Updater” you refer to is (if using the Confluence skin) located in "Programs, OSMC Settings 0.0.1, UPDATES, then MANUAL CONTROLS, Scan for Updates Now, (wait for the packages to download) then under MANUAL CONTROLS again click “Install available updates now”, right? (I don’t see anything called the “OSMC Updater” verbatim. BUT that can’t be done till getting up to the RC level using the Installer(s), correct?
Everyone has to use an installer to go from Alpha4 to RC, correct?

(Thanks, i have a question on installing the OSX installer but i’ll start a topic for that… the .dmg is different than i am used too.)

@marc, Seeing as you have many questions, and this topic has kinda gone off on a tangent, i think it would be sensible to start a new topic.
Just to keep things nice and tidy.

Really looking forward to the release and have been watching the build page like a hawk.

So much want! :smile:

Yeah i moved my questions to https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/mac-osx-installer sorry bud.