Will the servers handle it tomorrow (28th)?

Supposedly when OSMC goes gold at 8am :smile:


8pm i guess

Yeah damn 8pm…

I think we’re going to postpone tomorrow and just put out an RC to make sure everything works. It will effectively be the final version and you’ll have an upgrade path too


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Will it upgrade from Alpha 4 or is it a fresh install?

Does that mean that Vero is not going to be shipped next week?

Fresh install is the best possible and only way to obtain the upgrade path also!!

No, Vero is shipping next week :slight_smile:

The reason Vero is slightly ahead of other products is I’m hoping our final release will cover Pi and Apple TV as well



So RC version will have upgrade path but Alpha4 not so much? :smile:



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Cool been waiting for this so I can get off RaspBMC :smile:

Oh no… Just got retropie working with alpha4 as I want it to work.
Reinstalling will be a lot of work :frowning:

From Alpha to full blown GA is a big leap…from Alpha to an RC version is more realistic… :smiley:
Hope that the announcement of the new upcoming RC includes a list of features installed or still missing. For me, if SAMBA is not included in this RC version, I’ll wait till there is a version that has it included. The max. upload speed I can achieve using FTP with Alpha 4 is about 1.3 KB/s while using SAMBA with OpenELEC gives me double the upload speed.

Samba will be in the release

Thanks… :grinning:

What about wifi dongle supports ? Will it support more number of models ? Edimax ?

Yes, WiFi is greatly improved


what time is the stable version being released tonight will it update auto or will we have to do it manually thanks ?

Is it delayed to 5th march ? Why ?

Hope not, where did you read that?