Will vero recognize a drobo unit

Will vero recognize a drobo unit

Assuming Drobo ist just a NAS, sure, why not?


I’m running a Drobo5N with Vero 2. The only issue I’m having is videos that once streamed perfectly from the PC upstairs over wireless now drop out a few times while watching them - I’m researching a fix for this now.

A bit late I know but try adding an advancedsettings.xml file in your ~/.kodi/userdata folder with the following contents:


This will make Kodi read ahead, smoothing out any network glitches. I’ve been doing this on Kodi (OpenElec and XBMCBuntu, and now OSMC) for my NAS (a Synology, but it’s just a CIFS share at the end of the day) and it sorts out all these kinds of issues.

The OP has solved his problem a while back, but the tips are appreciated.


I just tried creating the file using the code you suggested and can confirm that is working like a charm. FLAC files and 1080p .mkv files are now streaming flawlessly from my Drobo5N whereas previously the video or audio would stutter at least once per file. Thanks so much for your help jmclusky!

Further to your solution, I have upgraded to Krypton Beta 3 but the video stutters like it did on HD files before I uploaded the advanced settings.xml file. Are there any changes need to make to this xml file now I’m running the Krypton Beta 3?

Beta 3 is a test build. You should stay with stable builds for now

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thanks sam!