Will Vero support USB DVD drives?

Hello together,

I am using a RPi for ally my media needs including DVDs. So far, my USB DVD drive powered by a self-powered USB hub attached to the Pi does the job. Will I be able to continue doing the same with Vero?

Yes, that should be fine


That’s good news, thank you!
Well, I’ll wait vor Vero to become available then and get one. Right now, my setup with the Pi, the PiHub from Pimoroni, the IR receiver and the cables and stuff looks kinda, erm, makeshift. Vero looks like one compact box that would look nice in my living room.

Will it work for Blu-ray, too? BD has always been a PITA on my desktop Linux box.

When bluray isos work, then a normal bluray drive should works aswell :smile:

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Uh, yeah, that kinda makes sense :smiley: