Willing to add skin for 2.35 scope screen?


See ScopeNox - Aeon Nox for 2.35/Scope Projector Screens (Zoomed CIH)

It’s a specific skin for people who output 1920x1080 on our projectors and zoom the image to fill a 2.35/scope screen and cannot use custom resolutions. This will make the Aeon Nox fit the format of our scope screens and not need to zoom out and have side bars.

I have a CIH Projector setup on a 2.35 screen. BigNoid is working on 21:9 version of the skin which unfortunately doesn’t work for some CIH users, like myself. Those who can get their system to output a custom resolution will likely be able to use BigNoids skin. But in my case that didn’t work.

The skin also has the ability to toggle a mask on/off for 2.35 movies.

However, support for this skin is so poor… so i come to ask if people here were willing to do this ?

I would be grateful

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This is the second thread from you today I’ve moved to the feature request subforum. Please consider the best placement when creating future threads.



Unfortunately I’m not sure there is a lot of demand for this yet, reflected by the lack of skin availability


I understand, but it’s truly a pity, cause many people with a 21:9 screen are left in the dark…

if you can still find an oppo you would be toggle between 16:9 and 21:9 without touching the projector. This is what I do. I have the vero connected to the hdmi in of the oppo. It’s a one button click.

At some point I’m planning to make our OSMC skin more versatile by adding 4:3 and 21:9 modes. This will also give us the ability to add a masking option (fake 21:9 with 16:9 output)… But this is a big thing to do, so no promises when it will happen. But it’s on the list of requests already :+1:t2:

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oh truly?
That would be so nice !

You can get much info about it in that topic on kodi forums i pointed

Would be appreciated a lot !

Let me be so free to ask, if you speak in months or years to add?

I can’t give an ETA or a time frame, I’m afraid. I’m doing all of this in my free time and especially bigger tasks like this one I only start working on when a bigger time slot shows up. I also don’t know how big of a thing it’s going to be. Some things have been easier than I thought before, some were not possible to do in a reasonable amount of time. But this is definitely something I’d like to tackle this year. Can’t say whether I’ll be able to do it though.

So, we will have to wait and see. :wink:

Thank you.
Possible to keep me informed?

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Will do right here :wink: The thread is bookmarked :+1:t2:

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Another vote for a scope skin here please. Used Scope Nox up until the latest Kodi refresh, but it doesn’t work with the latest version.

There is an updated version of Scope Nox that works with Leia, I’m using it at the moment.

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Brilliant. Will do that. Thanks very much

Ah, dumb question, but how do I find the Scope NOX skin? I went to the ‘get more’ option in the skins but couldn’t find it. Not sure how I did it before.

its in the kodi forums, you have to download the zip and then install it
but the skin has a bug in addons configurations

also support isnt that good

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Many thanks - I have acquired, but how do I install it on the Vero?

Another vote for this option. 21:9 Cinemascope support would be a great addon in the future.

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Another vote for 21:9 mask version, would love to see it, using a JVC 750 with 21:9 fixed screen.