Window buffer icon


I want to play a list of up to 20 videos on repeat and don’t want the circle buffer loading icon to appear when it goes to play the next video.

How can stop this from happening and make a continuous smooth play of videos. My videos are H.265.
Is there an addon that can stop this or some setting I’m missing?


This may be of some help: Hide/Disable "Buffering Please Wait" dialogue box

Thanks, will giv it a go!

I’m not sure if would suit your particular usage but have you considered using a tool such as MKVToolNix to create a new MKV file with all 20 videos appended together. This way Kodi will see them all as a single continuous video.

All the videos are in H.265 and was going to combine them using media encoder. I’ll give this a go but is mkv a better codec for the vero and kodi ?

Thanks for the advice!

mkv is not a codec but a container format that includes a video (and potential audio) stream that is decoded in a certain format (e.g. H.265)

Which is the better container mkv/mp4 to use or does it not matter?

Would say no mayor difference, but I suggest MKV as it is GPL licensed