Windows-like logo

I have a Windows-like logo in the upper right hand corner of my screen (only when using Kodi). It is small and not overly annoying, but I would like to correct this. I don’t think that it is a problem with

  1. HDMI cable: tried it out with several different cables but problem persists
  2. TV: the logo is absent when used with a cable TV box

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a fix?

Is it a rainbow icon?

Can you show us the logo?

If it is a rainbow logo, then this is a power supply issue. Check out this resource: Frequently Asked Questions - Raspberry Pi - OSMC.


Thank for the quick reply. The rPi is connected to an Anker 2.1 Ampere (2100 mA) power source, so I would hope that would be enough current?

It’s not. That’s definitely a low power icon, try a different usb cable

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@Dilligraf: Thanks! I did not think to swap out the USB cable.