Windows network problem

I set OSMC to access music and films that are in my external hard drive connected to my computer (Windows 10). Recently OSMC request to provide the password and login to access Windows networks, but it does not work . I installed again OSMC to a new configuration of SMB network , but it still hangs on the password. I do not understand at all, thank you for your help

Its because of securityupdates of Samba:

Im using LibreELEC until OSMC works like it did before, i dont want to fiddle with accounts on all my PC’s running Win 7, 8.1 an 10.

I’d suggest you stick with LibreELEC then. I’m not reverting these changes. LibreELEC still uses Samba 3.x which has a fair few security vulnerabilities. When they move to 4.x, you will see the same problem with LE as well. My suggestion is to use a better streaming protocol or enable passwords and keep your system secure.

OSMC is committed to security.

No problem, i’ll just ditch my Pi’s, they cant replace my 3 htpc’s anyway.

Hi Juchalin,

I have a couple of Pi’s, OSMC on all of them, some running different versions.

All I’ve added to my media PC was a password, and the Pi’s run flawlessly.

Hope this helps.