Windows no longer detects SD Card. Any tools to run check disk under OSMC?

I’ve used Win32DiskImager tons of times, but for some odd reason on this SD card, Windows won’t detect it properly. Are there any tools that I can install/run under OSMC to run some sort of check disk? I do have access to a Mac laptop if OS X is better suited for this type of job

I’ve used the OS X disk utility’s ability to create images. Not confident if it actually worked and too nervous to try to write the image back to the disk to verify if it worked. I didn’t get any error messages. Anyone else done it this way? Does it work?

Can you mount the card in OSMC? If you put it in using a USB card reader is it detected?

If it is, then you can use fsck (google for the correct options) to determine if the filesystem is in good order. If it isn’t, you can run dmesg and you should an entry where OSMC processes the instertion of a USB card reader and then you should see either details of the card or errors where the card can’t be properly processed. These should give you a good start.

Otherwise you can try h2testw on your Windows machine (though this may wipe your card!)

Looks like the card is FUBAR. I can’t do anything with it, I can’t format it, I can’t wipe partitions, nothing. I used the OSMC installed, it “thinks” it completed successfully, when I boot off the card, it’s the old image. I even tried to do a low level format in my dSLR camera.
This is the 2nd Samsung EVO card that dies on me in 6 months. What’s going on with them? I just ordered a Sandisk, hopefully I’ll have better luck. So frustrating to start all over again.

Unfortunately they do fail eventually, especially those which can be bought cheaper than the brand is normally sold for (there are a staggering number of fake SD cards out there!)

If you need cards where you can be certain they’re genuine, then you can always take a look here:


I’m guessing the repeat write cycles does them in. I’m getting them from Amazon by the way. At $7 a piece, I can live with it, I just need to do more frequent backups

On some it’s the read/write cycles, on some it’s poor quality and on others it is a deliberate plot to mislead.

When your new card arrives, check it with h2testw - it will show you whether there are any manufacturing faults or whether it’s actual capacity is being grossly overstated which can cause significant corruption.