Windows share issue not maintaining


I have OSMC running on a Pi2 and have it connected to a Windows 7 machine for network storage. The problem I am having is that on first boot of Windows and boot of the Pi the system works well. If I leave both on or the Pi gets shutdown and later booted I often have the Pi/OSMC say it can not find the share anymore. It takes a reboot of the Windows server to allow access again (and sometimes the Pi as well).

I really need help sorting this, the other half is getting annoyed and wanting to get rid of OSMC! It used to be great but seems to have been a problem ever since Samba was fixed and stopped allowing anon shares. I have setup user and password for the shares but it just doesn’t seem constant with connections to it :frowning:

  • Use IP addresses, not hostnames
  • Configure a static IP on your PC or a static DHCP lease in your router.