Windows XP Log in fails

Browsing my network seems fine from within OSMC-RC3 (on RPi 1b). I can log on to my Windows 8 pc and my Samba server running on another RPi. However my attempts to log on to my Windows XP pc have so far failed. It seems to be not accepting my Name and Password, which are plain vanilla. This all works on Kodi. Are there issues with Windows XP?

I was hardly ever able to connect to my old XP computer from XBMC using the samba browser. I always had to add the source using the IP address, and include the login and password in that "smb://login:password@

Using the name would work sometimes (rarely) but using the ip address worked 100% of the time.

To prevent any future confusion, you’re still using Kodi. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for clearing up the terminology for me. I suppose support for Win XP will remain hit and miss in view of its antiquity. An explicit IP did get me connected in the end.

While running XP as the OS for my main PC, I had no trouble connecting with smb. The real problems came later, with Win7 and Win8.
For years it was evident that Microsoft made changes to what it did for the smb stuff, and after Win98 it stopped providing an easy means to make a linux PC have the master SMB server - which was when it got tricky.
I observed that I got trouble as soon as my spouse started her PC (running a later M’soft OS) which would supplant the master smb server, and the rest of the network then had trouble until her PC started recognising that there were others running smb.

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