Wired internet connection + USB attached media -->reboot required for 4K playback

I noticed there was a recent thread that seemed similar but specifically called out conflicting wifi settings as the culprit, yet there were at least 2 members with a wired connections experiencing the sane issue.

I too, often come to the Vero4K after a day or two to play 4k material (usually large mkv), only to have to reboot the device as clicking on the movie/show in question does nothing.
Coming back from a reboot, the file palsy without issue.

The usual step is to reboot the device, enable logging, then reproduce the issue, but if it takes the device a day or two to manifest the issue, and the first step of rebooting resolves the issue, wouldn’t this make the logs far too big to upload? I’ve run into that before.

Just wondering if there’s a preferred step by step to accurately collect/provide logs to get some assistance?

For now, I load the Kore app on my phone and reboot the Vero remotely if I know we’ll be watching a 4k movie shortly. Shouldn’t have to do that.

If I can just do the standard steps of reboot–>enable logs–>wait to reproduce the issue–>upload, I’ll try to do that.


It depends whether it’s a Kodi problem or something else, eg memory or networking. (Debug logs generally provide more detailed information about Kodi.)

If you reboot, you’ll lose all the operating system details, so my advice would be not to reboot when it next happens. Upload logs and we’ll see if anything is apparent.

Will do, thanks. Logging ‘on’, and will upload when it happens.

Well, as you already (correctly) mentioned, that could make the log file too big to upload. (If it’s too big, there’s still the option to upload it in chunks.)

As luck would have it, haven’t been able to reproduce it as yet (of course)
I’ll reset the logging (I’m sure it’s 30mb or bigger by now :slight_smile: ) and try again and report back.
If I can get a log that records it, I’ll start a new thread, this one can be shut down or revisited, I just thought if others had the same issue it may be helpful.

I think I’m having a similar issue as OP. If I try to play a 4k file from attached USB hard drive I often have to reboot the Vero 4k as it just ‘hangs’ when trying to play the file. I suspected it was a problem with the USB Drive ‘waking up’ so now I dismount the USB drive when finished watching and then next time I want to watch a 4k film I turn on the USB hard drive and this solves the issue. As I only watch 4K films once or twice a week this is no big problem for me, but would be interested to know if others are having a similar problem. (p.s. This seems to be a fairly recent development i.e. last few months as I don’t recall it happening until recently.)

How are you unmounting the drive?

Highlight drive - menu option ‘Remove Safely’. Forgot to mention that this is a powered drive with all my 4k files on - my other files (eg 1080p) are on a USB drive.