Wired LAN no IP adress

and show the output of what happens please.

and after the timeout:

I’m at a loss at this point, the only other thing I can think of that I’d like to see is:

$ cat /etc/connman.conf
$ sudo cat /var/lib/connman/settings


I didn’t think to ask, but you have turned off the WiFi during this testing?

@Ray1 Just an idea: Could you first test whether the Vero’s NIC is working at all in zeroconf?
So, connect a laptop/desktop and the Vero with a LAN cable and let both start in zeroconf networking, so both get a IPv4 address.

At least a ping from laptop/desktop to the Vero’s IPV4 should be right answered, then. If that does not work, something physical might be wrong/defect.

Can you connect via WiFi and upload some logs?


yes, wifi was disabled.

tried it with my laptop. both apipa. could not ping each other.


Please contact support@osmc.tv with a link to this thread so we can replace the device.

Received a new Vero 4K+ today. Connected it and device gets a wired dhcp ip adress :slight_smile: