Wireless adapter Belkin F7D2102 does not work any longer

Hi Everyone, I have been running for years:

  • a Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2 512 MB (Rev 000d)
  • with Raspbmc and later OSMC
  • with a Wireless adapter Belkin F7D2102.

From the outset, the adapter had worked plug & play like a charm.
Just recently performance was degraded and it completely stopped working (I believe it happened after a recent osmc update - not 100% sure, though).

I tried the following:

  • plugged the WiFi adapter to the other RPi USB port - it does not work (I am using a bluetooth mouse that works perfectly on both USB ports)
  • plugged the Rpi via Ethernet - it works fine
  • at this stage I thought the WiFi adapter was dead. I still decided to try it on a Win 7 PC. After installing Belkin recommended driver it worked perfectly (I am currently posting through it).

What shall I do to get the WiFi adapter to work again on my RPi/OSMC?


Looks like this has a Realtek chipset, so it is no longer supported.

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Thanks Sam. Indeed found this post when looking even deeper

What would you then recommend? Roll back to a previous version/kernel? (How?) Buy a supported WiFi adapter? (Where can find a list?) Use Ethernet if I can? (A nice cable is currently hanging above my living room, which my wife does not like too much :)) Other ideas?

You could downgrade the version, but that won’t be an option forever.
There might be an upstream driver which is suitable for your adapter by then, but this seems unlikely currently.


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Looking closer in that direction I found this other thread

However, it does not seems to indicate how to go back a previous version.
Where should I look for this?

to downgrade the kernel RPi2:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure rbp2-image-4.14.78-4-osmc

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@arnedude, thanks for the tip.

In my case it would be
sudo dpkg-reconfigure rbp1-image-4.14.78-4-osmc
(i.e. rbp1 instead of rbp2), based on what I can see in /var/cache/apt/archives

@sam_nazarko, would you please confirm it is safe from your perspective to downgrade the kernel with this command?

This is fine.

A better solution for the future would be to replace the unsupported adapter with a supported battery adapter