Wireless - configure network manually


Is it possible to configure a wireless network manually in Kodi ?

When I select ‘Configure network manually’ there are no editable fields (address, gateway, etc.).

You have to navigate to the specific field you want to edit (e.g. the ip address) and then hit enter to edit it.

I don’t understand.
When I switch to ‘Configure Network Manually’ there is nothing to edit (field names are black). When the text is ‘Configure Network Using DHCP’, fields are editable.

The label for the button says what the button will DO, not what the current mode is.

So if it says “Configure Network using DHCP” it means you are currently using Static IP and that selecting that option will change it back to DHCP.

The design of the skin doesn’t make it obvious that what you’re looking at is a button, not a heading…

Thats right, to be honest, there is another (completly unrelated and minor) issue: The on/off indicator for the wifi adapter is been overlayed by the wifi AP list.

Thanks for your reply,

Have not seen this happen. Can you post a screenshot please ? (Press CTRL-S on a keyboard to take a screenshot)

Ok, to be honest, I forgot menioning, that I’m using a different skin (Artic Zephyr) didnt think of it because the OSMC Settings is an App. But anyway, here’s a foto:

Thanks. I’m assuming it doesn’t happen if you switch to the OSMC skin or Confluence ?

cc @gezb

You’r right.

On both OSMC and Confluence skins it seems normal.

Thanks. We will see if we can get that fixed.

Unfortunately skins can sometimes cause layout errors in the OSMC settings addon because we use fully custom layouts, and we can’t manually test all skins out there but we will try to fix any layout issues that are brought to our attention.

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