Wireless connection issue

Just sent a V4K to my son who is stranded in a university hall of residence. We can’t get the Vero to connect to the wifi, yet other devices he has can. The wifi system is based on each resident registering the MAC address of each device on a website - once the MAC address is loaded, the device can connect and there is no additional security. His iPhone and smart TV cope with this fine. When we go into the network settings via My OSMC, it’s configured for DHCP and he has an IP address, gateway and primary DNS, but the connection says “no internet”. Is there anything that might be done on the device side to fix this?

Does the device have to have a web browser or can this registration be done on another device or by contacting someone in the IT department. If you just need to know the MAC address you can run ifconfig from the terminal to find this.

I have no way of knowing how university’s networking system works, but the fact that it’s given out those three items seems to suggest that the V4K’s MAC address is being accepted.

It might be possible to debug the issue if your son has a USB keyboard available.

I would also recommend that the V4K is not attached via cable during startup if the main route to the Internet will be via WiFi.

I believe he registers devices via a browser. He used the MAC address printed on the base of the Vero. There is no wired connection available. I’ll see if he can get support from local IT. Network connection is a nice to have, in the meantime he has a powered USB drive full of mkv’s. A bit different from my student days.

There will be a different MAC address for the wired and wifi connection.

I’m guessing perhaps the MAC address printed on the base of the Vero is the wired one and therefore the wrong one has been registered.

Thanks, had not thought of that. ipconfig should give the correct one if ethernet is disabled?

Yes ifconfig -a will list for all the network interfaces. My Vero isn’t powered up at the moment so can’t check on that but on a RPI 3B the wired connection is eth0 and the wireless is wlan0

The MAC address is displayed after the word ether

thanks for the posts on this, we’re sorted. Went into the Kodi GUI system info, and under network the MAC address was different to the printed one on the base. My son registered the new MAC but in the network section of My OSMC, it still showed as not connected. I suggested clicking on the DHCP option which was enabled, and the moment he entered the manual settings screen (the DHCP settings copied across), the network connection woke up. So somehow it refreshed itself and he’s up and running. Thanks again for the advice.