Wireless headphones not working

I put OSMC on my RPi 3 SD card and Kodi works great. The problem is my Sony TMR RF985R wireless headphones do not work when I use Kodi. but they work fine when I use Dish Network on my tv. I am using a HDMI cable to hook to the tv. Is there any way to get the headphones to work with my media center?


Because the 3.5m jack socket on the pi, is also used for video as well; not all 3.5m audio cables work as expected.

This should work:

But it would probably easier to get a USB DAC:

Then you can use your sony headphones and cables as is.

Thanks Tom.


Thank you for answering. I tried the cable method and it did not work. I have a question about the USB adapter. My headphones use RCA jacks. What cable would I need to connect the headphones to the USB adapter which would be hooked to the Raspberry Pi?


Apologies I thought the RCA Jacks were for the output (i.e from tv or or hifi) and a 3.5 mm connection for the input on the sony base. I thought you trying to run a 3.5mm male to male audio cable between your pi and the sony.

If its the other way around (RCA for input and 3.5mm for output):

This should do the trick.

Thanks Tom.