Wireless help

Finding the vero4k unusable on wifi but assuming i’ve got something set wrong somewhere.

Its on a new network connected to a Ubiquiti Ap-LR, connected at around -50Dbm at 72.2 ish.

The files i’m streaming are well within these limits, a max of around 15-20 Mbs.

It’ll generally work for a while though seems to take longer to play/buffer than i’d expect, then usually the “forward : o B” will drop to 0% and it’ll play in slow motion. Sometimes it’ll eventually come back up and skip a whole bunch of frames, then go back to how it was.

Can anyone advise where to start?

Install wavemon sudo apt-get install wavemon to watch speed and quality of some time.
Install iperf3 sudo apt-get install iperf3 to check throughput (at least over 10 minutes)

What can i do about it if these numbers are off though…?

Let’s first see what the numbers are.

Thanks, will try shortly. For now i’ve tried creating a seperate SSID that will force the Vero4K to use 5Ghtz. Seems better so far

Yeah definitely, Sam actually reports he get stable 400Mbit on 5Ghz

I’ve got 180 at the moment, and its been fine. Will come back if this isn’t a solutiuon.

What you need to realize is that depending on the number of devices connecting to your AP, the slowest device usually will doctate the current transmission speed and the number of device the speed changes etc. which will also degrade the overall streaming speed.
On my Home-LAN, I made sure that all my Video-capable media-devices are connected through Ethernet (Got cat 6e in the entire house, even though only a 1Gbps Switch is feeding the devices). Then I have 1 regular 2Ghz WiFi for all our Phones and slow devices, and 5Ghz WiFi for everything that is a little bit faster.

Works nicely for all involved parties.

Maybe the channel is congested?
Try setting the channel on the router to Auto … or another number … like 50

Since sorting it onto 5G i’ve had no issues thankfully, however it only ever connects at 200 max, even though it has a better reception than anything else on my network, do you know if theres anything i need to change to get it to connect faster?

Which router do you have? And which modes does it support?

I actually figured it out i think.

The router isn’t really relevant, its the AP which is a Unifi AP-LR. I changed the bandwidth on the 5G channel to VHT80, and the vero4k is now connected at 433mbps. Media folders still load slower than the one i have on a physical 100mbps connection though ha.

Yes 80Mhz channel width is needed.

Well being connected with 400Mbit doesn’t mean you have the respective throughput. Therefore suggested to test with iperf

I also ran into this situation where I have a 2.4 and 5 network with the same essid and the vero4k using the 2.4 (which was resulting in buffering issues). I used the work around of setting up 5GHz only essid to point it to, but it would be nice to have some way to telling it to only use 5GHz when it encounters that situation, as this is the standard way to set things up now. Or at least a better workaround that involves ssh’ing in and editing a config to force it.