Wireless Hidden Network with pre-shared key not working

I just upgraded from RC2 to RC3, the upgrade went very smooth. On the Wireless network settings now I see a Hidden none option. If I select it I can type the SSID but can’t type the pre-shared key. So now the hidden network is on the list of networks but can’t connect. At this point now I see another option Hidden pre-shared but in order to use this option I have to disconnect from the current wireless network. When I do so, then the Hidden pre-shared option is gone and I only have again Hidden none.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Can any body from the OSMC team respond or review this or help?

Uh, your previous post is 26 days ago, a lot of improvements have been made since then. Have you run updates to get the latest updates and tried connecting to a hidden network then ? Connecting to hidden networks should be fixed now.

Hi, thx for your e-mail. Yes I have run updates on my two Raspberries. I just run the latest updates and the same problem. I can connect to a hidden network no problem. BUT I can NOT connect to a HIDDEN network with a pre-shared key. That is the problem and that is why I posted the issue on this forum. I only get the option HIDDEN none. There is no option for HIDDEN pre-shared.

If your hidden network has a preshared key it will say < Hidden (psk) > in the list and you will be given a chance to enter the passphrase. I’ve just retested it myself to make sure it is working.

If it says < Hidden (none) > that means it is a hidden, open (no encryption) network - eg you are seeing someone else’s network not your own.

Can you detect your network if you unhide it ?

Well the Hidden (psk) option does not appear on the list. That is the problem. If I un-hide the network yes I can connect to it. As mentioned on the original e-mail the Hidden (psk) option appears sporadically. If I’m connected to a Hidden (none) I’ve seeing the Hidden (psk) option but in order to select it I have to disconnect from the current network, once I disconnect the Hidden (psk) option is gone. I have two Raspberry PI2 and I see the same behavior on both.

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this problem, so it may be a problem with the actual driver for the wireless adaptor. What wireless adaptor do you use and what driver does it use ? (Provide the output of dmesg or the system journal)

Are you sure the hidden option doesn’t appear again if you leave it for a minute or so ? Scanning for wireless networks can take 30 seconds or more, especially if the signal is weak. During this time not all networks will be listed.

All I can really suggest is that you try a different make and model of wireless adaptor to see if that helps.

Thx for your reply. I think that did the trick, WAIT for couple minutes for it to appear. I’m not sure why the need to wait. Setting up a hidden network is a manual config. Would it be better if the Hidden (psk) appears from the beginning like Hidden (none) does?

The networks that appear in the GUI are the result of the WiFi scan we get back from out network manager (Connman), I assume it just takes a bit longer for Connman to report the hidden passkey network