Wireless keyboard media controls no longer work

Hi, since updating to Kodi Krypton, my wireless keyboard’s media keys have stopped working. This includes volume, mute, play, stop and next/previous.

Keyboard is a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 v2.0 running on a Pi 2 B using a HiFiBerry DAC+ pro.

Will attach logs soon

I have the same problem with Microsoft All-In-One Media Keyboard.

Keyboard Editor Addon seems to not recognize media buttons on keyboard (ie mute, vulume up, down, home, etc). After logon to osmc through ssh and after shutdown Kodi ($ sudo service mediacenter stop) I just run showkeys ($ sudo showkey) and it looks like debian “core” sees that buttons. So… It’s problem with Kodi (or OSMC Kodi implementation) itself.

I am new to OSMC.
The volume keys of my USB remote don’t work. I can see them in evtest, but they seem to never make it to Kodi (they cannot be mapped in keymap files and the Keymap Editor doesn’t respond to them).

This seems to be an issue with Kodi Krypton on Linux and effects other platforms as well. I am not sure if this is by design. I suspect key remapping is required.

Do you mean “key remapping” could be a workaround? How can I do this in OSMC?

Been busy - would logs still help at this stage or should this be reported on the kodi forums?

Issue is identified and a fix will be available soon.

Sounds great, thanks!

Yeah, thx :slight_smile:

Good to hear a fix is coming! I also use the MS all in one media keyboard and the volume and media keys were working fine until recent updates.

is there any news on this?

This was fixed over a year ago

oh that stumps my ideas, im using a keyboard that has some multimedia keys and osmc refuses to acknowledge those keys for me. admittedly its not the same keyboard as the original poster

Then you should open a new thread, and include logs.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. The best way to get this information is for you to upload logs that demonstrate your problem. You can learn more about how to submit a useful support request here.

Thanks for your understanding. We hope that we can help you get up and running again shortly.