Wireless to Wired Tethering not working

Hi Team,

I’m pretty happy with my Raspberry 1 and OSMC. Just updated to the latest December release via Wireless. I use a Edimax EW-7811Un which works pretty well.

Now I want to tether my working wireless connection of my Rasp to my TV via Ethernet. It seems like the connection is working as my TV gets an IP address but it cannot ping or browse the web. Seems like the Raspberry cannot do the NAT/Bridging properly.


Any suggestions?


Try enabling dnsproxy in /etc/connman.prefs then reboot.

I have accomplished this. I seem to remember that I had to manually configure the ip address of the pc to get it to work properly. Sorry for the lack of detail as I did not keep notes. It was troublesome to do, but it is possible.

The dnsproxy fix worked. Before I had to chmod the file as I was not able to edit it.
But after a reboot everything looks good. Thanks for this fast help!