Wireless XBox 360 Controller Lights Constantly Flashing

Hi, I recently installed OSMC (2017.04-1) onto a Raspberry Pi 3, and I was really happy with the new tiny media center.

However, I wanted to use my Wireless XBox 360 controller with it, so I grabbed my wireless controller adapter and everything works as expected - except all 4 of ring lights on the controller constantly keep flashing, as if it was still looking for a connection, however the controller works and I can still navigate Kodi while the lights are flashing.

I can confirm the adapter and controller work fine when used with my Windows machine.

Thank you all

P.S. I’ve looked around, and a few dated forum posts from other sits seems to suggest that Valve made a patch for xpad. I’m not entirely sure how to install that myself. I’m not too familiar with the more involved things with Debian or Linux in general, sadly.

Most guides in the Internet suggest to install xboxdrv and disable xpad, this way you will be able to use the controller correctly with other programs that require a controller. Lights will work correctly as well.